Welcome to Deaths_eclipsE!

You may have noticed thats because i do not own my own domain! We'll that's because i can't afford one!

Please note that all themes are discontinued. My phone is bricked. I actually almost finished the S Class UI & i made the WP7 Theme really emulate the real thing. Sorry.

Edit: Finally fixed. Rewriting everything from scratch again. Please be patient.

Now to the main point.

What you can find here:

1.Cool WAD2 themes.

2.That's all.

What you definately can't find here:

1.A hobbo jumping in a llama suit.

2.A world domination plan that involves pasta and lemons cooperating.

3.A book that tells you just how to give yourself a Texas wedgie. (If thats how you spell it.)

4. etc. NOTE: etc. does not stand for "emo toad camp". Good day everyone.

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