LG S Class UI

DISCONTINUED-Was actually almost done. Read homepage.

Just bought a LG GD900 Crystal. Will work on themes when have the time.

We all know about the great LG S Class UI that comes with LG Feature phones. If you haven't, well now you know about it. Although WAD2 still has its limitations to it themes, i'm working on a couple of LG S Class themes now. I took some of the icons from the web and extracted from actual S Class phones so very sorry if you own them.

Release 1: Here

It gives you all the basics and feel of the S Class UI. It's just a base ui so just add your own shortcuts on the grids and all. (Failure)

Release 2: Here

More animation, more icons, more widgets, a better look, a media player for the multimedia page (Not complete). Just a whole better look. (Release 1 sucked i know...)

Release 3: Most probably final release. Two types 1normal & 1special. Special will even feature a true 3D version. (Requires 3D glasses)

Almost done with the normal edition! Working media player! Animated slideshow wallpapers! Finishing up the landscape modes appscreen and image viewer! 3D version might take long becuse have to redo the all the images!

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